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The Reflexology Recharge & Lift

A combination of foot & facial reflexology to recharge & lift your mind, body & soul. A mentally and physically lifting experience

Reflexology is based on the theory that we have nerve endings mapped out on our feet, hands and face, and by stimulating these nerve endings, we bring balance and harmony to all bodily systems. This treatment combines foot and facial reflexology with the addition of hot stones to work deeper into reflexes and bring balance to the whole body. 


Benefits of The Reflexology Recharge & Lift

  • Reduce stress and relax with the unique fusion of foot and facial reflexology.

  • Soothe tired, achy feet and help with pain management. 

  • The hot stones reflexology allows heat penetration to a much deeper level than finger pressure, and may reach up to 5 times deeper into the superficial layer of muscle.

  • Improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage

  • Increased elimination of waste products and help with digestion. 

  • Releases muscular tension which will help muscles relax and repair more effectively

  • A warming and relaxing treatment which helps melt away tension and anxiety

  • Helps bring balance to the mind, body and soul


What To Expect In A Treatment

  • A basic face and scalp massage to open up the treatment and warm up the face.

  • A plant based oil is applied whilst various facial reflexes are stimulated using finger pressure and specialist tools.

  • The majority of the treatment is spent on the feet where both finger work and hot stones are used to stimulate and balance reflexes.

  • The treatment will end with a debrief and aftercare advice.

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