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The Holistic Face Lift

A Holistic Approach to beauty which goes skin deep

A unique and natural facial that goes beyond the skin to rejuvenate and manually correct facial muscles. The Holistic Face Lift is performed without surgery and injections, but by toning, strengthening and relaxing the basic facial muscles. Specialist facial massage techniques increase blood circulation and collagen production, eliminate facial blockages and stress, help with lymphatic drainage and irons out fine lines and wrinkles to naturally aid the ageing process.


What To Expect In A Treatment

The treatment starts with a cleanse and exfoliation of the face using clean, plant based products. This is followed by a scalp massage to calm the nervous system. 

The secret of the success of the technique lies in the deep study of the basic facial muscles – from the skin through to the oral cavity inside the mouth. 


The facial massage starts with lymph drainage to create space for new lymph. The face is then worked in such a way to tone, strengthen and relax every key facial muscle. The strain of facial emotions and other physiological factors which affect facial appearance is taken into consideration. 


Buccal Massage (or intraoral massage) is performed to access key areas around the mouth which cannot be stimulated from a surface level. This part is performed by the practitioner wearing sterile gloves and accessing the mouth. It is an unusual but extremely relaxing and satisfying experience.

The treatment ends with further lymph drainage and cooling of the skin with healing Guasha crystal tools. Guasha encourages relaxation of the facial muscles and also encourages fresh blood flow through the natural creation of a hot/cold sensation to the skin.

The treatment ends with foot reflexology to bring balance and calm to the whole body, encouraging you to heal, rest and reap the benefits from the facial.


Benefits of The Holistic Face Lift

  • Promotes natural rejuvenation and recovery of skin without surgery

  • Improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage

  • A facial workout which restores muscle tone and elasticity resulting in the face aging well

  • Eliminates facial blockages and spasms

  • Irons out fine lines and wrinkles

  • Mental benefit of relaxing and de-stressing the mind to bring about balance to the whole body


The Holistic Face Lift is offered as a 90 minute or 120 minute treatment. The 120 minute option will include extra time of hot stone reflexology.

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