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Face Yoga

What Is Face Yoga

Face Yoga is a natural approach to lifting and toning our neck and facial muscles to age gracefully. We have over 57 muscles in our neck and face that need to be activated and worked, exactly the same way we exercise to work our body muscles. Our everyday facial expressions may cause wrinkling or sinking of certain regions in our face. Face Yoga allows a non-intrusive, holistic approach to activate less used muscles and strengthen and give the face a natural lift.

Benefits of Face Yoga

  • Improves the skins appearance by tightening and plumping it 

  • Stimulates the blood flow and increases collagen production in the facial muscles 

  • Helps relieve tension in the facial muscles 

  • A selfcare practice that can be safely used at home to help with relaxation and age gracefully 


Reena incorporates Face Yoga practice in her Online Selfcare courses and workshops. 

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