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Bian Stone: improves the bodies microcirculation and eliminates heat and toxins. Bian stone is known for its high mineral qualities to regulating the bodies qi (energy). It is a traditional stone used for Gua Sha due to its healing qualities.


White Jade: an emotional healing stone which helps balance heightened emotions. Helps manage stress and anxiety and takes you to a place of inner peace and self-love. It is also known to bring luck and good fortune.


A unique, high quality Gua Sha designed by Reena to comfortably fit the contours of the face. The combed edge design allows for more traditional ‘scraping’ techniques of Gua Sha. This Gua Sha is larger than most available and therefore makes it perfect for body Gua Sha too.

Access to a 30minute video routine from Reena to get you started on your Gua Sha selfcare journey

Soulful by Reena Gua Sha

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