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  • Can I trial Your Pro-Age Ritual before signing up?
    A trial period is not available, however you will have access to 2 trial videos to assess the teaching style. Please also refer to the @Soulful_by_reena Instagram page for more information on the techniques that will be advocated.
  • How do I start navigating around Your Pro-Age Ritual?
    It is advised that you start by following the 5 Week Introductory Course. You will activate dormant muscle groups and get used to using your hands as you learn the basics of all the modalities: Facial Massage, Face Yoga and Gua Sha. Once completed, you can build your own ritual through longer and shorter targeted videos available on the portal.
  • Can I work through the 5 Week Introductory Course faster than once a week?
    If you are new to holistic approaches to beauty, it is recommended that you stick to once a week for the Introductory Course to allow time for your face to adjust to the techniques. However, you can amplify your ritual by adding in shorter routines (5-15 mins) mid-week, or by practicing snippets of what has been taught in the longer sessions.
  • Can I cancel mid-membership?
    You cannot cancel mid-membership. It is your choice if you decide to stop using the membership but a refund for any outstanding months cannot be processed.
  • Can I perform the rituals if I have had Botox / fillers?
    Please consult with your aesthetician before signing up. It is advised to wait at least 6-8 weeks after any cosmetic procedures and avoid the areas that have been injected. You are also encouraged to assess your desired outcome for joining Your Pro-Age Ritual. If you are hoping to move away from injectables, there is a lot of support. If you are after relaxation and self care rituals, this is also encouraged.
  • Are the videos suitable for pregnancy?
    Yes, all the videos are suitable for pregnancy. Ensure you are seated comfortably and are well hydrated. Please consult with your healthcare practitioner if you have any concerns.
  • What if I have active acne?
    The Face Yoga modules of the rituals are suitable for those with active acne due to limited direct skin contact, using facial manipulation through poses. Be mindful of the techniques which involve skin contact. Do not work over active acne. Work around the affected area and be mindful of spreading contamination. Holistic approaches to beauty allow for healing below the skin’s surface and so can massively aid healing of acne without over using topical products.
  • Which facial oil should I use?
    It is recommended that you use a plant based oil which is suitable with your skin type. If possible, try to introduce the oil into your skincare regime before starting the 5 Week Introductory Course. Please view my social media posts for my personal recommendations, and be mindful that facial oils are very unique to the person.
  • What equipment do I need?
    A facial oil which is compatible with your skin type is essential. Please test the oil prior to using Your Pro-Age Ritual. A traditional heart shaped Gua Sha will be required, and is available to purchase via the Soulful by Reena website. If you wish to advance to the Face Taping rituals, the tape will need to be purchased unless you have purchased the 12-month membership, in which case you will be gifted this.
  • I am breaking out from the rituals. Why is this? Should I stop?
    There could be a few reasons for this. Firstly, assess if the breakouts may be from the facial oil. If spots appear quickly and seem surface level, it could be that the facial oil is not compatible with your skin type. Consider changing to a more plant based oil. If spots appear to be more internal and cystic, this is likely your skin detoxing. Although this may be unpleasant, long term it's a good sign. This is your sign to increase your water intake, consider diet changes to more fresh produce, and consider detoxing your skin and body. Eventually this should subside and result in clear skin. If your skin is violently reacting, step back from the ritual and consult your healthcare practitioner or GP.
  • What improvements can I expect to see?
    Clearer and brighter skin will come first. Improvements with facial muscle tone will come a little later. You can expect emotional changes such as better mood and sleep almost immediately after practicing.
  • How long until I see results?
    This will vary from person to person based on your lifestyle and age. Build a ritual you can stay committed to and tie into your weekly selfcare practice. After following the 5 Week Introductory Course, and with consistency, you can expect to see results within 2-3 months. Clearer and brighter skin will come first. Improvements with facial muscle tone will come a little later.

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