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FREE 5 Day Brighter Eye Challenge


Join me online (via Zoom) for 15 minutes, for 5 days.


Sunday 11th February - Thursday 15th February, 8.30pm


What to Expect:


  • Day 1: Activation of orbital nerve through Face Yoga and gently flow of lymph through Facial Massage.
  • Day 2: Static and dynamic Face Yoga Techniques and Gua Sha Flow.
  • Day 3: Deeper eye massage for tension release and lifting with Gus Sha.
  • Day 4: Gua Sha for fine lines and brightening.
  • Day 5: Face Yoga, Gua Sha and Facial Massage for the ultimate eye care ritual. 


What's needed: 

  • Facial oil which is compatible with your skin type
  • Traditional heart shaped Gua Sha
  • Good intention and a calm environment



You may see an improvement in the eye area or you may not within such a short time frame. One thing I can will be equipped with the skills to help you long term to Pro-Age without having to rely on products or invasive procedures. 



Please note this course is a selfcare course and is not professional training.

Zoom details will be sent via email the day before on Saturday 10th February. 

No recordings or supporting literature ill be provided. 

FREE 5 Day Brighter Eyes Challenge (Online)

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